hot plates

Okay, it is way past time we get some new dinnerware.  Most of ours are still pieces that are mismatched, hand-me-downs from family or "college dishes".  We do have our wedding china of course but we need something for everyday.  I have been looking for awhile because I want to make sure I love them.  After searching and searching I finally found these...

I love all of these, and I think no.1 is my favorite.  Imagine my dismay when I realized they are ALL handwash only.  Why do I always do this to myself?  If anyone knows of something similar that is made for a dishwasher or better yet knows of someone willing to do my dishes every nite please let me know.  Until then the search continues!

1. Anthropologie Kamala Dinner Plate, Turquoise $18
2. Jonathan Adler, Greek Key Dinner Plate, $16
3. Anthropologie Kamala Dinner Plate, Gold $18

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