birdie's nursery

FINALLY!...last nite I finally got Birdie's nursery done.  I'm sure I will add more treasures as I see them but at least for now it is finished.  Note: when you are pregnant and you tell yourself you will have time to finish projects that need to be done after the baby gets here, it takes 8 times as long to finish the project after you have the baby, in my experience anyways.  And apparently I didn't learn the first time.  Let me start with my original storyboard.  My husband was honestly very worried when I first started showing him ideas for the nursery and so I made this to show him where I planned to go with it. My hubbys only request was he wanted it to have a theme.  Since we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl this made things a little challenging (of course none of the pink would have been used if we were having a boy but we had a pretty good hunch it was a girl).  I personally think horses are so beautiful and work for either gender and my husband loves the nostalgia of horse races so I decided to run with it.  After all, equestrian chic is so cool!  I also wanted it very funky and bright.  I don't think I really ever got over my desire to be Punky Brewster.  


1: Crib Skirt: Phillip Jacobs Fabric Glory Rose in Westminster
2: Drapes: Premier Prints Fabric Chaz in True Turquoise
3: Print: Found this on ebay and it has since become one of my favorite pictures ever
4: Crib Bumper: Discontinued Pottery Barn, found brand new still in package on ebay
5: Rug: Charcoal and white chevron print

(I'm sorry that the pictures are not the greatest, unfortunately I am not a photographer but will try my hardest to improve).  Of course, there are some areas that need more work or something added to give it a little something, i.e. the dressers need a little tlc and the lampshade next to the crib needs something added to it.  The horse picture above the crib is 24 x 30 and for EVERYTHING it cost me $4!  When I say I can make something for cheaper I mean it!  The frame was brown & gold that my mom had picked up at a local thrift store for $2 and I painted it a metallic silver.  The horse picture was a regular royalty free picture that I altered pink on my computer.  I printed it a certain plotter that I may or may not have access to :) and planned to just stick it in the frame.  Well of course it wouldn't be a project of mine if I didn't do something wrong, I had miscalculated the measurements somehow by about 1/2 an inch all the way around, since the frame doesn't have any glass I used some old black ribbon that I have and hot glued it to hide the exposed area between the picture and the frame.

The two shadow boxes above the dresser I had lying around.  I painted them black and marbelized some paper for the background.  The horseshoe was a rusty horseshoe I found at my moms which I painted.  The horse was a $2-3 toy horse I bought at Michael's.  I just used some spray glue and covered that baby in glitter.  So both of these were extremely cheap as well. 

I think that about covers it.  If you are still reading this I'm amazed.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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