sheridan french giveaway!

If you haven't heard of Sheridan French, her clothing line or her blog then you are majorly missing out!  Her blog has quickly become one of my absolute favorites.  Her style is so cool and fun and she is definately a huge role model to me.  I have dreamed of having my own clothing line since I was a little girl and for her to run her own clothing line out of her house, and still be a great wife and mother to two tiny children (very close in age to my own) she gives me a LOT of motivation.  Anyways, I really could go on and on about all things Sheridan French, I mean even her name is amazing!  I promise I'm not obsessed!  Well all of this to say, she is having a giveaway on her blog and I wanted to pass the word along so everyone has a chance to win.  Check it out!



watercolor walls

Sorry for my absence lately.  I promise to try to be a more faithful blogger asap.  The girls have just been keeping me very busy this week and there hasn't been time for much else.  In the meantime, check this out...


A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!!  So beautiful!  Saw it today and just had to post it!   

Love, Meg


birdie's nursery

FINALLY!...last nite I finally got Birdie's nursery done.  I'm sure I will add more treasures as I see them but at least for now it is finished.  Note: when you are pregnant and you tell yourself you will have time to finish projects that need to be done after the baby gets here, it takes 8 times as long to finish the project after you have the baby, in my experience anyways.  And apparently I didn't learn the first time.  Let me start with my original storyboard.  My husband was honestly very worried when I first started showing him ideas for the nursery and so I made this to show him where I planned to go with it. My hubbys only request was he wanted it to have a theme.  Since we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl this made things a little challenging (of course none of the pink would have been used if we were having a boy but we had a pretty good hunch it was a girl).  I personally think horses are so beautiful and work for either gender and my husband loves the nostalgia of horse races so I decided to run with it.  After all, equestrian chic is so cool!  I also wanted it very funky and bright.  I don't think I really ever got over my desire to be Punky Brewster.  


1: Crib Skirt: Phillip Jacobs Fabric Glory Rose in Westminster
2: Drapes: Premier Prints Fabric Chaz in True Turquoise
3: Print: Found this on ebay and it has since become one of my favorite pictures ever
4: Crib Bumper: Discontinued Pottery Barn, found brand new still in package on ebay
5: Rug: Charcoal and white chevron print

(I'm sorry that the pictures are not the greatest, unfortunately I am not a photographer but will try my hardest to improve).  Of course, there are some areas that need more work or something added to give it a little something, i.e. the dressers need a little tlc and the lampshade next to the crib needs something added to it.  The horse picture above the crib is 24 x 30 and for EVERYTHING it cost me $4!  When I say I can make something for cheaper I mean it!  The frame was brown & gold that my mom had picked up at a local thrift store for $2 and I painted it a metallic silver.  The horse picture was a regular royalty free picture that I altered pink on my computer.  I printed it a certain plotter that I may or may not have access to :) and planned to just stick it in the frame.  Well of course it wouldn't be a project of mine if I didn't do something wrong, I had miscalculated the measurements somehow by about 1/2 an inch all the way around, since the frame doesn't have any glass I used some old black ribbon that I have and hot glued it to hide the exposed area between the picture and the frame.

The two shadow boxes above the dresser I had lying around.  I painted them black and marbelized some paper for the background.  The horseshoe was a rusty horseshoe I found at my moms which I painted.  The horse was a $2-3 toy horse I bought at Michael's.  I just used some spray glue and covered that baby in glitter.  So both of these were extremely cheap as well. 

I think that about covers it.  If you are still reading this I'm amazed.  Thanks for sticking with me!


come and knock on our door

I have been thinking for a long time about what I want to do in regards to the exterior of our house.  When my wonderfully handy dad was here to visit a few weeks ago he fixed a few things on our very old front door.  I had every intention of replacing it but since he fixed it up like new I have decided to keep it and give it a final facelift.  Besides, I would almost always have something old or something-old-made-new and since he did such a great job there really is no need to replace it.  Here are some ideas I have stored in my quest for the perfect front door...

I had originally intended to paint the door kelly green and paint on our address just like on the old blueprint cover above but now I'm almost 100% sure this goes more with our house and how I intend for it to look after we're done with repairs...
What do you think?


ruffled feathers

In the last week or so I came across a great new-to-me blog, abode love which I am really enjoying.  If you haven't seen it I would definately recommend adding it to your list.  Since reading it I have been thinking constantly of a feather chandelier she recently made.  It is honestly probably the most beautiful, well made, professional looking diy project I have ever seen.  And ever since I laid eyes on it I have been dreaming of this chandelier, (well as much dreaming as you can possibly do with a 3 week old baby in your house!)  I just figured it was too great not to share and I may have to tackle it myself if I can convince my husband to let me replace one of our current light fixtures with this beautiful feathered baby!  Can you tell how much I love it?!  You can read all about it how she did it here.



I am finally almost finished with our baby's nursery!  Nothing like waiting till the last minute right?  I'll have more pictures soon but I wanted to at least post the rug I just completed.  It wasn't difficult, just time consuming because of the design I decided to do, and because when you are 8+ months pregnant you would be amazed how difficult it is to get up and down from the floor!  I found a tutorial here via design sponge and made my rug in a gray and white chevron pattern.  I made mine just the way she described and didn't have any problems with it along the way or see anything I would recommend doing differently.  I bought two packages of foam mats at Ross Dress for Less just because I was looking for the cheapest mats possible.  Since I was painting them it really didn't make a difference what they looked like.  I decided to make the rug 4 x 6 and threw the extra tiles away.  And on the final step I did two really thick coats of poly to make sure it can hold up to my 19 month old and so far so good.  I really love it and you couldn't find a great contemporary rug like this any cheaper anywhere else, believe me I've looked...and it's so comfy to boot!


hot plates

Okay, it is way past time we get some new dinnerware.  Most of ours are still pieces that are mismatched, hand-me-downs from family or "college dishes".  We do have our wedding china of course but we need something for everyday.  I have been looking for awhile because I want to make sure I love them.  After searching and searching I finally found these...

I love all of these, and I think no.1 is my favorite.  Imagine my dismay when I realized they are ALL handwash only.  Why do I always do this to myself?  If anyone knows of something similar that is made for a dishwasher or better yet knows of someone willing to do my dishes every nite please let me know.  Until then the search continues!

1. Anthropologie Kamala Dinner Plate, Turquoise $18
2. Jonathan Adler, Greek Key Dinner Plate, $16
3. Anthropologie Kamala Dinner Plate, Gold $18

try everything once.

If you know me at all then you know I spend a ridiculous amount of time reading blogs and getting ideas for all kinds of things.  And since I have a 19 month old daughter and a two week old baby girl its not like I have anything better to do with my time, right?!  I have recently had a few people tell me I should start a blog and I have finally decided to give it a shot and just see how it goes.  I am not really expecting anything and if nothing else it will be a new place for me to start storing all of my ideas and inspirations because I don't know how much more my computer can hold!  I am excited to see where my blogging future and familys future will go!