come and knock on our door

I have been thinking for a long time about what I want to do in regards to the exterior of our house.  When my wonderfully handy dad was here to visit a few weeks ago he fixed a few things on our very old front door.  I had every intention of replacing it but since he fixed it up like new I have decided to keep it and give it a final facelift.  Besides, I would almost always have something old or something-old-made-new and since he did such a great job there really is no need to replace it.  Here are some ideas I have stored in my quest for the perfect front door...

I had originally intended to paint the door kelly green and paint on our address just like on the old blueprint cover above but now I'm almost 100% sure this goes more with our house and how I intend for it to look after we're done with repairs...
What do you think?

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