alfred hitchcock

Birdie will be three months old this week and I think we are all finally becoming accustomed to our completed family and the new lifestyle that goes along with having a toddler and an infant.  I am finally starting to find time to do a few little crafts around the house.  (Note to self: quit saying things like that, you always jinx yourself when you do!).  I finally got tired of only being able to watch Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street while I feed Birdie so I have started reading books or playing on Pinterest while she eats.  I downloaded the Pinterest app on my iPhone and let me warn you, I love it so much!  I waste way too much time there.  There are just so many great ideas.  Forget Google, if I want to look something up these days I always start there.

First, I made silhouettes of the girls.  I love Gidget's but poor little Birdie's looks like Alfred Hitchcock.  I will redo hers when her profile becomes a little more defined.  I also need to make labels with their names underneath of the silhouettes but that will have to wait until the next time someone decides they want to borrow my children for a little while and let me go in public by myself like a grown up.  Ahh, the things you take for granted.  By the way, please ignore the mustard yellow walls.  I loathe them.  My husband has been happy with them and didn't want me to change them but he has finally decided he wants something else.  It's not that I don't like yellow walls, I just don't like them to look like a cheap bottle of mustard. 

Then I repainted this little chair.  It belonged to my mom's stepfather but had no significant value and is a little wobbly but Gidget loves it so we kept it.  I painted it pink with a red union jack on the seat.  I had put her name on the back part of the seat but didn't like the way I had painted it so I painted over it.  It already is starting to look very aged in parts because she is so rough on it that I think before long the union jack will look like its always been a part of the chair.  The second picture I included because Gidget wanted to show everyone how she sits in the chair.  What can I say, she knows she's beautiful.

Finally, I gave Birdie's little floor lamp a makeover.  I hot glued black bias tape to the top and bottom and painted on her monogram.  In the future I would probably have just used a sharpie or a paint pen for the monogram.  My hands are too unsteady to paint something that symmetrical.  We'll say that's the only reason why I could never be a surgeon.

Thanks to Pinterest I have a million more projects to complete so hopefully I will get to share some more soon.

On a completely unrelated note, would someone like to potty train my child?  If you would I promise to bake you a batch of cookies every week for a year.  It would make my life so much easier.



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