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I feel like I've been up to a lot lately and thought I would have a lot to sit down and blog about but nothing seems that interesting all of a sudden.  But since one of my only outings this weekend was to run into an estate sale I figured that seemed like a good topic of conversation.  Let me begin by saying that having two children so close together was not something we planned, and while I was pregnant all that I had really heard people say (probably to just make me feel better) was that going from one child to two was not that big of a difference, and I believed them.  Let me just be honest and say, that to me, it seems like night and day.  It's not so much being at home that's a struggle, but going in public with a toddler and an infant makes me feel like one of those circus elephants trying to balance on a ball (yes, I just compared myself to an elephant).  I am not that person that can just let their children run wild in public and ignore them, in fact, I think those mothers need lessons from Emily Post.

It just usually is not worth it in my eyes to take them shopping so unless it's something we absolutely cannot live without I just add it to my list and go on without it.  Thrift shopping, to me, would be worth the torture to take them both with me just so I could look at all of the wonderful cheap treasures but it's just not possible.  Most places, such as flea markets and estate sales do not have room for me to wheel around a two seated stroller.  I always said I would never, ever do it but every day a toddler leash makes more and more sense to me.  I am learning to never judge a decision about parenting that seemed crazy to you when you didn't have children until you have experienced it all yourself.  So I am beginning to think a toddler leash and a baby sling may be my answer to my current little dilemma no matter how crazy it may make me look. 

All of this rambling to say there were some furniture pieces that I really wanted to check out at an estate sale this weekend, but by the time I convinced my sister to sit in the car with my children while I ran in to check it out (I did mention I'm desperate right?!) everything I was after was gone.  Especially these chairs, if I could have gotten my hands on these mid-century beauties I would have loved to put them in a setting like this...

   (please forgive me this is the only picture of the chairs I had, 
I had to take it off of the estate sale companies website)

I think this living room (via apartment therapy) really fits my realistic home style only I would trade these black chairs out for the above chairs in a heartbeat. 

Off to do more window shopping... 

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