momma needs a new bag!

I am in serious need of a new handbag!  The one I carry now I really like because the leather is so worn and "loved" and it has a little significance to it but lets face it, I have worn it out!  The last few years there have just been more important things we've needed with the girls, and it really hasn't made sense to get a new one when I'm always throwing my stuff in a diaper bag.  In my search I thought I would share a few beautiful bags I've seen.  Most of these purses are a dream, I would be terrified to own one of these right now or have it lay in my house where something could get spilled on it, poured into it, or whatever else my munchkins could do to destroy it.  

In my day I have put down some serious cash on a handbag, I've always thought a great handbag and a great pair of jeans are something you should invest in and will definately get your moneys worth if you love them.  Most of these handbags though are even more than I would have spent on a purse before I had kids, but a girl can always dream! 
3: Vintage Gucci Doctor's Bag, Ebay

All of these bags are timeless and if you do have the money to spend on one I think all of these bags would be well worth the money!


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