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It has been a very long time since my last entry.  And of course, so much has changed since I last wrote.  The Mr. has been promoted and this month, has been promoted again.  I couldn't be prouder of him.  He is my daily reminder that hard work really does pay off.  My babies continue to get bigger every day and I have a feeling they will both be in college before I've realized what has hit me.

Maybe it's the fact that I am approaching 30 or the beginning of the new year and all of its resolutions.  Maybe both.  But God has really been working on me and in me for the last several months and I really feel like I'm changing.  I have always had big expectations out of my life and more than ever I've realized that tomorrow isn't promised.  I am by no means old, but I'm not getting any younger.  I guess you could say I have a case of the carpe diem's (Eww, that sounds like "a case of the Monday's."  Please forgive me).  It might also have something to do with the fact that having small children can make you miss your independence and make you think about opportunities you may not have taken advantage of pre-baby.  I hope that isn't misinterpreted.  I wouldn't change a thing and as crazy as they may make me sometimes my little family is my most precious thing on this earth.  

In an attempt to seize the day I am starting my own business.  I've always wanted to run my own business and what better time than now.  I am starting small.  I want to start a business without debt and I want to make sure I do it the right way.  I am excited to see where it goes.

Finally, another thing that God has really been showing me is how to love.  To love others but also to love myself (so cheesy).  Nothing like throwing it all out there in the first post!  I am one of those people that deals with really low self esteem.  And I don't believe it's the way God intended us to live.  It has made me shy all of my life, and the older I get the more it seems to make me socially awkward.  Something I hate terribly and always have.  To top it off I am the queen of overthinking.  I overthink overthinking.  I am filled with doubt most of the time and am tired of standing in my own way.  "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"  I keep seeing this quote all over the internet and it has been running through my mind whenever I start to doubt myself.  So, in 2013 my goal is to throw myself out there.  If I fail, so what?  At least I'll know I tried.  So regardless of the fact that I am not the best writer, I do not understand photoshop, at all, and I am no professional photographer I am diving into blogging for round two.  Wish me luck.             


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