Baby Love

So, if you have any small children in your house you know what I'm talking about when I say that, it seems both of my little munchkins woke up last week and suddenly none of their clothes or shoes fit.  It was like waking up in a scene in the movie, BIG.  This is aggravating but can also be a lot of fun, simply because it involves shopping.  And I am not known to turn down an opportunity to shop.  Kids clothes are so fun!  If they made toddler clothes in my size we would really be in trouble!  Here are a few fun little items I've come across:

1 // Saucony Baby Jazz HL $34   2 // Bando Flash Bobbi Set $10   
3 // Iris & Ivy Shift Dress & Jacket $44   4 // Dwell Studio Fox with Hat $40
5 // Zara Kids Camouflage Jacket $45.90 (This would be so cute with some skinny jeans and ballet flats)  6 // Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush $8.49
7 // Ruffle Monogrammed White Seersucker Bubble Romper $38

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