inside the mind of a two year old...

I have been telling myself over the last few days that I am going to quit posting about my babies so much, so just like that diet, I'll start that tomorrow.  I just thought this was just too cute not to share.  And just knowing it exists makes me feel better, apparently my almost-2-year-old is not the only one that acts this way.

I love this picture.  It describes Gidget's personality to a "T."  And this week she is in full force. Even though she drives me crazy sometimes I love my baby.  I do admire the fact that she's independent and knows what she wants (even if it does change every 3 seconds).  P.S. Did I tell you my poor three month old baby Birdie is teething?  And on top of all of this I decided that life isn't crazy enough.  So I started putting together my own vintage clothing company this week.  But I'm so excited!  I've always wanted to work in fashion, anything involving clothes or interior design makes me so happy.  And I've just decided there's no better day than today so I'm going for it. 

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